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    1. Hi everyone.
           My name is Emma, from Shaoxing.  I have been researching the many bridges in my hometown, and here are photographs, stories, and information about them.  The site is still growing, so come back often and let me know if you have ideas or questions.  
      Fushui Bridge
      Daqing Bridge
      Baozhu Bridge
      BaozhuBridge,originallynamedHuozhuBridge, islocatedin56LongshanHouStreet,Yuechen...


      China is the hometown of the bridge culture. Since ancient times, it has been known as the kingdom of the bridge. It has developed in Yu and flourished in Song. The bridges spread over the land of China, weaving into a well-connected transportation network, connecting the motherland in all directions. 

      Guyuelongshan Bridge & Fushui Bridge: look at more recent bridges!
      These are two of dozens of modern bridges that never get much attention from the...
      Some ideas revealed from this bridge:Daqing Bridge: how to get more attention?
      This bridge is well-preserved too, although there is not so much attention from ...
      Baozhu Bridge: a successful story
      Baozhu Bridge not only is well preserved, but also gets along very well with all...


      Learn about the latest news from Shaoxing Ancient Bridge

      Release time::
      Classic book recommendation: Ancient Bridges of Shaoxing by Jianhong Tu
      Ancient Bridges of Shaoxing was published in 2001 with Ms Jianhong Tu, the president of Shaoxing Urban Construction Archives as the chief editor. It contains th...

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